Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2019

Here is the list of projects:

(*) List of active design challenges:

Order SN Project title Name Affiliation TA
1 2019-3 Adding Unpredictability to malloc Matt Bishop Dept. of Computer Science, UC Davi Jonathan
2 2019-4 A Decision Support Tool for Radiation Oncology Doctors Sonja Dieterich, Ph.D. UC davis Radiation Oncology Albara Ramli
3 2019-7 An Interactive Educational App for Clinical Ophthalmology Glenn Yiu UC Davis Health Jonathan
4 2019-16 Bluetooth Bike Light Handlebar Nicholas Hosein UC Davis Jonathan
5 2019-18 ECS 192/199 Report Website Update Christopher Nitta University of California, Davis Ethan
6 2019-19 ECS Placement Exam Website Christopher Nitta University of California, Davis Ethan
7 2019-21 ITS Lyft/Uber Research App Gil Tal University of California, Davis Ethan
8 2019-22 Stebbins App Shane Waddell JMIE/NRS Jonathan
9 2019-24 Energy efficient wireless sensor network to monitor temperature for aquatic research Dipak Ghosal Professor, Dep. of Computer Science, UCDavis Albara Ramli
10 2019-26 Gamification of a Nutrition Literacy Mini-Course for Low-Income College Students Lisa Soederberg Miller Human Ecology, UCD Jonathan
11 2019-30 Ground Penetrating Radar Tony Galatti G-Tech Labs Jonathan
12 2019-34 Mechanical Speedometer Converter Aashish Dalal Self Albara Ramli
13 2019-35 Open Source Project Justin Jia None Jonathan
14 2019-36 Public Cloud Market Price Tracker Robert Hodges Altinity, Inc. ( A data warehouse startup ) Albara Ramli
15 2019-37 User Interface for a Electric Microgrid Research Project Marco Pritoni LBNL Albara Ramli
16 2019-38 Help us make smart buildings smarter Marco Pritoni LBNL Ethan
17 2019-57 Capstone Project Ideas 7 Travis Heppe Google Ethan
18 2019-59 Capstone Project Ideas 9 Travis Heppe Google Ethan
19 2019-61 Capstone Project Ideas 11 Travis Heppe Google Ethan

(*) Proposed Projects:

Order SN Project title Name Affiliation
1 2019-1 A mobile app connecting user physical activity and wifi-enabled smart thermostat Cindy Shen Associate Professor, Department of Communication, UC Davis
2 2019-2 Collaboration Match Lori Kennedy Madden UC Davis Center for Nursing Science
3 2019-5 AI-based color-mapping and image mode-conversion Richard Levenson, MD Dept. of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UC Davis Health
4 2019-6 Cloud-Based Medication List Jose Roberto "Jojo" Melendres UC Davis Medical Center
5 2019-8 Using machine learning to find emerging trends and common patterns in antimicrobial resistance in people, animals and food Beatriz Martinez Lopez VM: Medicine & Epidemiology, UC Davis
6 2019-9 Python Fuzzy-Logic Web App for Behavioral Data David K. Johnson, M.A., PhD. Neurology
7 2019-10 Computational Analysis and Visualization of Complex Biochemical Systems Miguel Valderrama Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
8 2019-11 Machine Learning in Health Care: Develop algorithms to detect select items in an image Brittany Dugger, PhD University of California Davis
9 2019-12 Developing a web-based interface to make requests, have automated reports, and verification of information Brittany Dugger, PhD University of California Davis
10 2019-13 UC Davis Water Dashboard Kiernan Salmon Facilities Energy Conservation Office
11 2019-14 Womans SmartCuff Phone App Nicholas Hosein Kàbrya Wearables
12 2019-15 Panic Button Wearable Pendant Nicholas Hosein UC Davis
13 2019-17 Deep learning for Alzheimer’s diseases using EEG visibility graph Jiangyi Xia & John Olichney Center for Mind and Brain; Department of Neurology
14 2019-20 ABET Samples Collection Website Christopher Nitta University of California, Davis
15 2019-23 Visualizing Computer Architecture Simulation Jason Lowe-Power UC Davis
16 2019-25 Automated Determination of Human Gait Parameters Using Triaxial Accelerometer Data from a Pediatric Population Erik Henricson ( with Lisa Miller, Daniel Aranki ) UCD Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Human Dev. Graduate Group, Berkeley CITRIS Center
17 2019-27 Pointless Packaging Grading Application Eric Law Industry
18 2019-28 Love in the Dialectic of Vanity Jiayi Young Design, UC Davis
19 2019-29 Scaling participatory programming pedagogy in an online course Seth Frey Department of Communication
20 2019-31 Anti-Police Brutality / Neighborhood Watch App Tony Galatti G-Tech Labs
21 2019-32 SOAP Note Medical App Tony Galatti G-Tech Labs
22 2019-33 Extension of Canvas's Automated Quiz Questions Matthew Butner UC Davis Lecturer
23 2019-39 User Interface for an Electric Microgrid Research Project Marco Pritoni LBNL
24 2019-40 Blockchain based deposit token and environmental benefit calculator for reusable food and beverage service options Michael Sudbusters
25 2019-41 Recyclable Material Automated Identification and Picking Michael Siminitus Owner - Waste Busters
26 2019-42 Augmented Reality Art Tour Quinn J Hart UC Davis
27 2019-43 Crowd Source Components Quinn J Hart UC Davis LIbrary
28 2019-44 Image Classification using SVM and Neural Networks Carl Stahmer Data Science Initiative
29 2019-45 Browsing and Visualizing Real-World Bugs and Fixes Prof. Cindy Rubio-Gonzalez University of California, Davis
30 2019-46 Mobile app for real-time rowing biomechanics acquisition, assessment and feedback Paul Crawford Hegemony Technologies
31 2019-47 RowBot - an Integrated logbook and AI coach for rowers Paul Crawford Hegemony Technologies
32 2019-48 Visualizing the Linux Kernel Aditya Thakur University of California, Davis
33 2019-49 Doppler Radar Tracking Tony Galatti G-Tech Labs
34 2019-50 Design a monitoring tool to contribute to Pacific Salmon health in California Beatriz Martinez Lopez VM: Medicine & Epidemiology, UC Davis
35 2019-51 Capstone Project Ideas 1 Travis Heppe Google
36 2019-52 Capstone Project Ideas 2 Travis Heppe Google
37 2019-53 Capstone Project Ideas 3 Travis Heppe Google
38 2019-54 Capstone Project Ideas 4 Travis Heppe Google
39 2019-55 Capstone Project Ideas 5 Travis Heppe Google
40 2019-56 Capstone Project Ideas 6 Travis Heppe Google
41 2019-58 Capstone Project Ideas 8 Travis Heppe Google
42 2019-60 Capstone Project Ideas 10 Travis Heppe Google
43 2019-62 Photo Monitoring Platform Shane Waddell JMIE/NRS
44 2019-63 DIY web cameras network Shane Waddell JMIE/NRS
45 2019-64 RAMS - user experience Shane Waddell JMIE/NRS