Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2019

Love in the Dialectic of Vanity

Name Jiayi Young
Affiliation Design, UC Davis

Project's details

Project title Love in the Dialectic of Vanity
Background This project is a part of the University of California Humanities Research Institute ( UCHRI ) initiative entitled Horizons of the Humanities funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Horizons of the Humanities encourages interdisciplinary, multimodal scholarship and methods that combine experimental practices to break down traditional academic boundaries regulating the growth and capacity of humanistic disciplines. "Love in the Dialectic of Vanity' is thus an interdisciplinary project that combines art, design, mathematics, and creative writing as social practice.
Description “Love in the Dialectic of Vanity” is ultimately a poetry machine that gives love to humanity. The collaborators of the project would build a popup iridescent inflatable room in the public space where the public can go in and write a poem about love or be given a piece of poetry to enjoy. The pop-up structure would be based on a mathematical structure, possibly the form of Calabi–Yau manifold which posits the geometry of the universe to consist of high dimensional space. Participants would interface with an App to contribute their writing or to connect with other's writings. Formal Project Description below: This project is a year-long studio that explores creative potential as it relates to the significance of manifesting love as social agency in the context of changing social tapestry. Complicated by technology and intensified by social media, our moment in history is defined as grappling with the age-old dichotomy of longing and persistently attempting to manifest beauty in warmth, creativity and love, while at the same time, challenged with the evermore deeply felt everyday experience of deprivation of love. This, combined with the increase in overcrowding in urban areas, it is difficult to have a room of one’s own and have a space that honors privacy for creativity. With the final goal for the studio of building a temporary room-sized structure in public spaces, the project provides a room as a temporary sanctuary of time in space for people seeking love and at the same time encouraging creative thinking and output in a private setting.
Deliverable An App that uses the Gyro/Accelerometer feature in a mobile device in an Interesting Way to facilitate the user to pool words together creatively. For example, the users can physically throw words typed on their devices into a word pool on a browser, or physically tilt words on their device like liquid. Please see two examples below: 1. iBeer - drink from your iphone: 2. Send Me to Heaven:
Skill set desirable App building with Gyro/Accelerometer feature in a mobile device. Setup database.
Phone number 9162438481
Client time availability 30-60 min every two weeks
IP requirement Client wishes to keep IP of the project
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