Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2019

Photo Monitoring Platform

Name Shane Waddell
Affiliation JMIE/NRS

Project's details

Project title Photo Monitoring Platform
Background Photo monitoring is conducted at natural locations to look at physical change over time. Fixed points are established from which photos are routinely taken. Examples of their use include looking at seasonal changes, how vegetation responds to fire, the movement of beaches due to storms and tides, etc. The Natural Reserve System ( ) has a number of sites and habitats throughout California. UC Davis ( ) and other sites would benefit from this type of monitoring. We would like to create a platform for staff and/or citizen scientists to be able to take photos at specific “photo stations” and upload these photos in an intelligent and manageable way.
Description Students would create an interface, web or app-based, to manage this process, which we would like to be as cloud-based as possible. Photos would need to be uploaded as easy as possible, and categorized by location, date, and time. Ideally the interface would easily combine photos, and limit the number of photos if necessary, to create animations of change over time.
Deliverable • An interface, web-app in a web-browser or iOS/Android App, that does: o Photo acquisition o Virus/inappropriate content scanning o Photo tagging – date, time, location, site o Storage ( within the app or external ) o Photo stitching tool for animations ( within the app or external ) • Clear documentation in Github or equivalent
Skill set desirable • The ideal team will have experience with HTML, CSS, and Javascript ( web development ) and/or experience with App development for Iphone and Android • Experience with database APIs ( retrieving data )
Phone number 530-754-7108
Client time availability 30-60 min weekly or more
IP requirement Open source project
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