Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2019

Cloud-Based Medication List

Name Jose Roberto "Jojo" Melendres
Affiliation UC Davis Medical Center

Project's details

Project title Cloud-Based Medication List
Background Best patient care involves highly accurate and up-to-date medication management that should be instantly available to medical providers in all care settings. Having a personalized medication list that contains drug names, instruction for intake, prescribing physician name and location with history tracking can be as valuable and analogous to seeing your personal savings account in a mobile phone app where you can monitor, do changes, and communicate real time as needed. It has always been a problem and ongoing challenge to provide patients and doctors an updated medication list – a document or information database that will show what drugs are currently being taken, how they are taken, when they were started, who started the medication, and whether patient experienced adverse events or decided not taking them. LiveMedList seeks to provide an electronic spreadsheet that will allow patients and doctors communicate error-free ( not reliant on human memory ), and should be available all the time to be viewed, modified ( with certain access restrictions ), and shared ( incorporate in hospital or clinics electronic medical records or EMR ).
Description LiveMedList will involve at least 3 persons who will input information into the system. 1-Physician, 2-Pharmacist, 3-Patient. LiveMedList will involve location tracking via phone-based GPS system. The system is cloud-based and can be accessed via mobile phone app, and desktop web platform. System will require account creation, two factor authentication, and SuperUser or Administrative control in order to work. Process will involve: 1. Physician will write down what medications patient need to take with dosing instruction, number of pills or days to take, and indicate refill 2. Pharmacist will put brand names, validate and check for med interactions, put special precautions, track usage and refills 3. Patient can enter remarks for any adverse drug reaction, send a note electronically to doctor or pharmacist 4. Application automatically detects location where doctor created the medication entry or change 5. The information can be accessed anytime and can be printed on a legal size paper or wallet-sized cue card 6. The information is locally cached in the mobile phone so internet access is not necessary all the time. Synchronization when phone connects to i
Deliverable Yes
Skill set desirable The ideal team should have experience with database APIs, pre-processing data, and visualization tools. Web development and mobile app design with implementation of latest encryption of information. Representative knowledge on different medications, levels of care, and HIPAA rules
Phone number 9164761688
Client time availability 30-60 min weekly or more
IP requirement Client wishes to keep IP of the project
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