Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2019

Bluetooth Bike Light Handlebar

Name Nicholas Hosein
Affiliation UC Davis

Project's details

Project title Bluetooth Bike Light Handlebar
Background Since we started 8 months ago we have had the goal of creating the first solar powered bike handle with smart features. Our team is joining the UC Davis Big Bang competition and launching a kickstarter next summer.
Description Handlè is a smart handlebar with embedded solar panel, motion sensor and ambient light sensor for a fully automated and carefree bike light experience ( just like you would expect in a car ).
Deliverable A smartphone app which will connect to the handlè handlebar over bluetooth and configure the various features. If time incorporate a security feature which will trigger an alarm if someone tries to use the bike while the users smartphone is not in range.
Skill set desirable App Design
Phone number 8582293652
Client time availability 30-60 min weekly or more
IP requirement Client wishes to keep IP of the project
Attachment Click here
Selected Yes
Stuff N/A
TA Jonathan