Iqamah times This app shows the Athan and the iqamah times for the daily prayers of a list of masajid (as shown below this page). The app works for 3 targets:
1- Masjid's Clock
2- Masjid's website
3- Phone app.

[*] This app uses "Islamic finder" Athan time calculation.
Masjid clock

Fig: Clock (Small, 7in)

Fig: Clock (Big, 27in)
iOS & Android appIt calls Athan & Iqamah, pushes notification and notes you when you enter or leave the Masjid using your current location. Finally, it shows the route to the Masjid on the map.

Embed clock to the masjid's websiteThe script will be provided to be embedded to the masjid website

Fig: Masjid Annur Islamic Center Clock
App price Free
What devices you need to bring (on your own) 1- Raspberry Pi 3

Fig: Raspberry 3

2- Wall Mount

Fig: Wall Mount

3- HDMI cable

Fig: HDMI Cable

4- Monitor

Fig: Samsung 27in Monitor

[*] Masjid's clock requires internet connection 24/7, make sure to connected it to the masjid's Wifi or internet cable (RJ45).
How to get itAfter you bring the reuired devices. Kindly, fill the following form [click here] that required the following information:
- The official name of the masjid.
- Masjid's address.
- Is the masjid Hanafi or not? (regarding the Asr timing).
- Name/phone/email the person in charge. (will be provided with the control panel for both Athan & Iqamah).
- Confirm your request by sending a request to this email: (

[*] Installing the app in the "masjid's clock" will be done by one of two ways:
1- Via mail: you send the sim card that came with the (Raspberry Pi 3) through USPS to me. I install the app and then send it back to you.

Fig: Sim card

2- Remotely [depend on my time availability]: we schedule an appointment over the phone and I'll give you instructions (step by step) how to activate the device. Then I'll access the device remotely to install the app and add the configuration.
Note: the masjid will be added to the "Android & iOS" apps as well as the web-interface for the masjid's website.
Control panel The person in charge (admin) will have a control panel to configure the iqamah times: (manual or auto changes).

Fig: Admin control panel

Fig: Admin control panel
List of current masajid