Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2022

Here is the list of projects:

(*) List of active design challenges:

Order SN Project title Name Affiliation TA
1 2022-1 Interactive website displaying farmer priorities to inform research, extension, and policy in California Cameron Pittelkow Plant Sciences Tyler Mayxonesing
2 2022-2 Robotic transplanter for hydroponic grown lettuce Heiner Lieth Plant Sciences department UCDavis Tyler Mayxonesing
3 2022-3 BCSC Advanced Cancer Risk Calculator mobile app Diana Miglioretti Department of Public Health Sciences Tyler Mayxonesing
4 2022-4 Leveraging Social Media Data to Inform Family Caregiving Research Yong K. Choi UC Davis Public Health Sciences Tyler Mayxonesing
5 2022-5 Music Memory Scrapbook Petr Janata N/A Tyler Mayxonesing
6 2022-6 NeuroBiography Music Memory Browser Petr Janata N/A Tyler Mayxonesing
7 2022-7 Bluetooth Custom Multimeter Companion App Martin Uriel Ruvalcaba N/A Tyler Mayxonesing
8 2022-8 iOS AR Game Open Source Project Justin Jia None Tyler Mayxonesing
9 2022-9 Private and Secure Social Networking Service Justin Jia None Tyler Mayxonesing
10 2022-10 Capstone Project 03 Travis Heppe Google Tyler Mayxonesing
11 2022-11 Capstone Project 06 Travis Heppe Google Tyler Mayxonesing
12 2022-12 Capstone Project 08 Travis Heppe Google Tyler Mayxonesing
13 2022-13 Identification of imaging features associated with disease using deep learning Gerald Quon Genome Center/Molecular and Cellular Biology Rex Liu
14 2022-14 Intelligent Video Captioning Brian Thomas Telestream Rex Liu
15 2022-15 Super Slow-Motion Video Brian Thomas Telestream Rex Liu
16 2022-16 Design of a Lake Tahoe Hazardous Conditions Warning System Geoffrey Schladow Prof. Civil & Env Engineering and Director Tahoe Environmental Research Center Rex Liu
17 2022-17 Dynamic visualization of in-situ measurements in the largest lake in California (Clear Lake) Alicia Cortes Civil and Environmental Engineering Rex Liu
18 2022-18 Aggie Dish Naji Dmeiri Google, UC Davis alumni Rex Liu
19 2022-19 Limb Preservation Tool Misty D Humphries UC Davis Department of Vascular Surgery Albara Ramli
20 2022-20 University of California Clinical Training Coordination Tool (UC-CTCT) Rosalind de Lisser Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing Albara Ramli
21 2022-21 Smart Home Platform for Aging Well (SHAW): Cardiac Rehab AI Health Assistant Yong Choi UC Davis Public Health Sciences / Health Informatics Albara Ramli
22 2022-22 Enhance a machine learning image analysis tool for skeletal muscle histological analysis Lucas Smith UC Davis, Department of Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior Albara Ramli
23 2022-23 Deep Learning for Predicting Psychotic Episodes in Children Professor Ian Davidson (CS) and Dr Jascon Smucny (Med School) UC Davis Computer Science and UC Davis Imaging Center Albara Ramli

(*) Proposed Projects:

Order SN Project title Name Affiliation
1 2022-24 Tree size estimation android app Heiner Lieth Plant Sciences Department, UCDavis
2 2022-25 Design of a Film-Based Assessment of Empathy in Older Couples Meng Huo UCD
3 2022-26 Automated quality control and assurance of stable isotope measurements Chris Yarnes UC Davis Stable Isotope Facilty
4 2022-27 Chinese IME with Customizable Lexicons Fuqiang Zhuo UC Davis Language Center
5 2022-28 Find a Talk - A Searchable Database of Current and Past Seminars Dante Leventini UC Davis Graduate Group in Horticulture and Agronomy
6 2022-29 Socializing PHI for personal benefit. Connecting Epic to the Gig economy Daniel Stein UC Davis Health
7 2022-30 gem5 Vision Bobby Bruce DArchR Research Group, UC Davis
8 2022-31 Build a human-in-the-loop psychophysics speech synthesis simulator for a brain-computer interface to restore speech Sergey Stavisky Department of Neurological Surgery (affiliated with GGCS, BMEGG)
9 2022-32 Standalone Application for Remote Psychophysics Experiments Wilsaan Joiner Department of Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior; Department of Neurology
10 2022-33 Development of an integrative web app for browsing human genomics projects Paulina Carmona Department of Neurology/MIND Institute UC Davis
11 2022-34 TeamSprout Carmen Ced, Dhakshi Vannithamby, Varsha Senthil UC Davis, EEC 136
12 2022-35 Image-centric software development supporting novel slide-free microscopy Richard Levenson, MD UC Davis Health, Dept. of Pathology and Lab. Med.
13 2022-36 AQMT Quality Reporting Web Application Xiaoya Cheng Air Quality Research Center, UC Davis
14 2022-37 Earworm Tracker Petr Janata N/A
15 2022-38 Proposal: Developing a Visual Platform for All-Terrain Vehicle-Riding Simulator Farzaneh Khorsandi Kouhanestani Assistant Professor of Cooperative Extension
16 2022-39 Power supply for weather station Eric Oiwa UC Davis EEC 136
17 2022-40 LiDAR Vehicle Wheel Alignment Shane Smith None
18 2022-41 Smart Hard Hat Fanar Makadsi, Matthew Myers, Evan Wolfe, Connor Lewis, Fateh Bajwa EEC 136 Team Charlie: Helmet Heavers
19 2022-42 Rider Up Shane Smith none
20 2022-43 App for Pediatric Surgery Patient Education Taylor Silva Department of Surgery
21 2022-44 Assessment Samples Collection Website Christopher Nitta UC Davis
22 2022-45 An interactive experimental and numerical data generation and visualization tool for geotechnical earthquake engineering applications Katerina Ziotopoulou Civil & Environmental Engineering / UC Davis
23 2022-46 Equine Limb Load Detection Phone App David Hawkins UC Davis Department of Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
24 2022-47 Open Source Solution Shreya Gupta Courier
25 2022-48 Remote Control Solar Rover Kevin Nguyen EEC 136AB Team India
26 2022-49 Solar Rover Fuel Gauge and Motor Controller Junjie Xu Electrical Engineering, College of Engineering, University of California, Davis
27 2022-50 Kjywær? (The app like Tinder but for fashion) Man Yu Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
28 2022-51 Guitar SuperPedal Divya Singh UC Davis
29 2022-52 Bovine Respiratory Disease Risk Assessment Mobile Application Sharif Aly Faculty at School of Vet Med
30 2022-53 NFL Winning Predictor Juan Juan N/A
31 2022-54 ImmunoWars mobile app game tutorial Michael Larson UC Davis Health Radiology & Larson Labs LLC
32 2022-55 A Notification System for Pesticide Notices of Intent (NOIs) Dipak Ghosal Professor, Department of Computer Science, UCDavis
33 2022-56 United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Live Augmented Reality Andrew Huddleston CIV USARMY CENWS (USA)
34 2022-57 USACE Park Ranger Holograms for Visitor Centers Andrew Huddleston CIV USARMY CENWS (USA)
35 2022-58 USACE Volunteer App Development Andrew Huddleston CIV USARMY CENWS (USA)
36 2022-59 USACE Virtual Reality 360 Tour App Development Andrew Huddleston CIV USARMY CENWS (USA)
37 2022-60 USACE Water Control Information App Development Andrew Huddleston CIV USARMY CENWS (USA)
38 2022-61 Open Source Static Site Generator Justin Jia Apple, UC Davis alumni
39 2022-62 Open Source RSS Reader App Justin Jia Apple, UC Davis alumni
40 2022-63 Open Source Minecraft-like Simulation Environment for AI Justin Jia Apple, UC Davis alumni
41 2022-64 Your Own Open Source Project Idea Justin Jia Apple, UC Davis alumni
42 2022-65 Capstone Project 01 Travis Heppe Google
43 2022-66 Capstone Project 02 Travis Heppe Google
44 2022-67 Capstone Project 05 Travis Heppe Google
45 2022-68 Capstone Project 07 Travis Heppe Google
46 2022-69 Capstone Project 12 Travis Heppe Google
47 2022-70 Capstone Project 13 Travis Heppe Google
48 2022-71 Capstone Project 14 Travis Heppe Google
49 2022-72 Capstone Project 15 Travis Heppe Google
50 2022-73 Capstone Project 16 Travis Heppe Google
51 2022-74 Capstone Project 17 Travis Heppe Google
52 2022-75 Capstone Project 18 Travis Heppe Google
53 2022-76 Capstone Project 20 Travis Heppe Google