Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2020

Here is the list of projects:

(*) List of active design challenges:

Order SN Project title Name Affiliation TA
1 2020-5 GUI for Open Source Computer Architecture Simulation Jason Lowe-Power UC Davis Computer Science (DArchR: Albara Ramli
2 2020-7 Identification of Pirated Video Content Brian Thomas Telestream Albara Ramli
3 2020-13 Bluetooth anti-theft bike system Joel Porquet UC Davis Tony
4 2020-14 Video-Controlled Robot Car for Drawing on Vertical Surfaces Xiaoguang Liu Electrical and Computer Engineering Albara Ramli
5 2020-23 iOS AR Game Justin Jia N/A Tony
6 2020-24 Secure and Private Social Networking Service Justin Jia N/A Tony
7 2020-26 AI-based color-mapping and image mode-conversion Richard Levenson. MD Dept. of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. UC Davis Health Albara Ramli
8 2020-27 Eliminate pointless packaging with Social Media and Computer Vision Eric Law Industry Albara Ramli
9 2020-30 Gesture control drone Xiaoguang Liu UC Davis Tony
10 2020-31 Design a Tracking and Crash Detection Device for All-Terrain Vehicles Farzaneh Khorsandi Kouhanestani Faculty at BAE Albara Ramli
11 2020-33 ECS 192/199 Report Website Update Christopher Nitta UC Davis Tony
12 2020-34 nbgrader Integration with Jupyter Lab Christopher Nitta UC Davis Tony
13 2020-39 Sensing Localized Air Quality Emily Schlickman Department of Human Ecology. UC Davis Tony
14 2020-45 Interactive Care (I-Care) Platform for remote caregiving of older adults with Alzheimer's disease Alyssa Weakley. PhD UC Davis Neurology Department/Alzheimer's Disease Center Tony
15 2020-48 EV Explorer 2.0 Angela Sanguinetti UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies. Plug-in Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Research Center Albara Ramli
16 2020-54 Design of an easy-to-use tool for presenting curated health information to seniors Sanjay Joshi Healthy Aging Initiative. UC Davis. also Professor (MAE) Tony
17 2020-55 Machine Learning models to diagnose Cardio-Vascular (heart-related) diseases with the use of Natural Language Processing. Computer Vision and Deep learning algorithms Sairamvinay Vijayaraghavan N/A Albara Ramli
18 2020-56 Capstone Project Ideas: Cross-platform flutter app Travis Heppe Google Albara Ramli
19 2020-57 Capstone Project Ideas: 2d web game Travis Heppe Google Tony
20 2020-66 Capstone Project Ideas: Virtual graffiti Travis Heppe Google Albara Ramli
21 2020-74 iOS Aggie Dish app Naji Dmeiri Google. UC Davis alum Tony
22 2020-77 Robert Mondavi Institute Teaching and Research Winery CS Senior Design Proposal André Knoesen. James Nelson Electrical and Computer Engineering Tony

(*) Proposed Projects:

Order SN Project title Name Affiliation
1 2020-1 Developing a web-based interface to make requests. have automated reports. and verification of information Dr. Brittany Dugger UC-Davis department of pathology and lab medicine
2 2020-2 VR learning module for industrial food processing Christopher Simmons Food Science and Technology. UC Davis
3 2020-3 Using Computer Vision to Identify the Sex of an Endangered Fish Species Tien-Chieh Hung Biological and Agricultural Engineering. UC Davis
4 2020-4 Design of a Fish Hatchery Data Management System Tien-Chieh Hung Biological and Agricultural Engineering. UC Davis
5 2020-6 Wearable Radiation Detector Yuexin Li UC Davis ECE
6 2020-8 Unit testing of Video Processing Algorithms Brian Thomas Telestream
7 2020-9 Machine Learning Based Video Compression Brian Thomas Telestream
8 2020-10 Risk predictability of atrial fibrillation Uma N Srivatsa MD School of Medicine
9 2020-11 EasyMoo Xiao He UC Davis ECE
10 2020-12 Enable craft brewers with real time data Glen Fox UC Davis Food Science & Technology
11 2020-15 Relod Abdullah Faiyaz Student
12 2020-16 Excite Bike Light Bobby Leanio EEC 136a
13 2020-17 WatchDog Julia Electrical Engineering
14 2020-18 Olympics Tracker App Juan Juan N/A
15 2020-19 Educational Computer Game/Mobile App Development for Laboratory Techniques Erkin Seker Electrical and Computer Engineering
16 2020-20 Swift Static Site / Blog Generator Justin Jia N/A
17 2020-21 iOS RSS Reader App Justin Jia N/A
18 2020-22 Open Source Packages Release Manager Justin Jia N/A
19 2020-25 Image Classification using SVM and Neural Networks Carl Stahmer Data Science Initiative
20 2020-28 Interface for Estimating Meat Withdrawal Times Using the FDA Tolerance Method Lisa Tell UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine
21 2020-29 Machine Learning in Health Care: Develop algorithms to detect select items in an image Brittany Dugger. PhD University of California Davis
22 2020-32 ABET Samples Collection Website Christopher Nitta UC Davis
23 2020-35 Implementation of an Automated Trees Centers Detection from Aerial Imagery Alireza Pourreza UC Davis. BAE Dept.
24 2020-36 Dynamic visualization of in-situ measurements in the largest lake in California (Clear Lake) Alicia Cortes Civil and Environmental Engineering
25 2020-37 Community Futures. Community Lore Stories App Brandon Louie UC Davis Center for Regional Change
26 2020-38 Design and Gamification of a Knowledge Bowl to Develop Nutrition Knowledge and Skills of College Students Lisa Miller Human Ecology
27 2020-40 Visualizing Climate Change Emily Schlickman Department of Human Ecology. UC Davis
28 2020-41 Development of an Intuitive & User-Friendly Graphical Interface for The Design Space Toolbox Miguel A. Valderrama N/A
29 2020-42 Searchable database of intentional community research Angela Sanguinetti Cohousing Research Network and Foundation for Intentional Community
30 2020-43 Reducing Nutrient Pollution using Woodchips: Reaction Surface Area Matters! Olivia Wright Civil and Environmental Engineering
31 2020-44 RNA-seq analysis of Vibrio parahaemolyticus in summer and winter seawater Chao Liao Food Science and Technology. UCD
32 2020-46 An interactive experimental and numerical data generation and visualization tool for geotechnical earthquake engineering applications Katerina Ziotopoulou Civil and Environmental Engineering
33 2020-47 An interactive numerical data processing and visualization tool for large simulations of ground motions Katerina Ziotopoulou Civil and Environmental Engineering
34 2020-49 Citizen Science: Mobile Device Application for Collection of Human Gait and Mobility Data Erik Henricson. PhD and Lisa Miller. PhD UC Davis Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation & Human Development & Familty Studies / Adult Development Lab
35 2020-50 A Virtual Reality Tour of the Albeni Falls Dam in North Idaho Andrew Huddleston US Army Corps of Engineers
36 2020-51 Mobile App Design for Supporting Shared Use of Personal Sensing Data between Long Hour Gig Workers and Intimate Partners Hao-Chuan Wang UC Davis
37 2020-52 App to Connect Local Food Producers and Restaurants Mason Shelnutt N/A
38 2020-53 Internet-Of-Things (IoT) for Smart Food Systems David Slaughter UC Davis
39 2020-58 Capstone Project Ideas: Mobile game Travis Heppe Google
40 2020-59 Capstone Project Ideas: Code reviews Travis Heppe Google
41 2020-60 Capstone Project Ideas: Waste peoples' time Travis Heppe Google
42 2020-61 Capstone Project Ideas: Quantum algorithms Travis Heppe Google
43 2020-62 Capstone Project Ideas: Resumes analyzer Travis Heppe Google
44 2020-63 Capstone Project Ideas: Real-time style transfer Travis Heppe Google
45 2020-64 Capstone Project Ideas: Personal Website Template Travis Heppe Google
46 2020-65 Capstone Project Ideas: Maintenance workflows Travis Heppe Google
47 2020-67 Capstone Project Ideas: Load-balanced. autoscaled. autohealed system of VMs Travis Heppe Google
48 2020-68 Capstone Project Ideas: Bigquery Travis Heppe Google
49 2020-69 Capstone Project Ideas: Face recognition Travis Heppe Google
50 2020-70 Capstone Project Ideas: CodeMirror Travis Heppe Google
51 2020-71 Global Connections Database Dr. Karen Beardsley Global Professional Programs. Global Affairs
52 2020-72 Rebate Website for Sacramento and Yolo County Mason Shelnutt N/A
53 2020-73 Design. Develop. and Deploy Air Quality Sensor on UniTrans Busses Dipak Ghosal. and Michael Zhang Department of Computer Science & Environmental and Civil Engineering
54 2020-75 Shared audio described recordings of museum content for accessibility Joshua Hori VMWare and UC Davis
55 2020-76 Distribution of livestock farms in California and evaluate the impact of extreme weather events Beatriz Lopez MEDICINE AND EPIDEMIOLOGY: VET MED