Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2022

Bluetooth Custom Multimeter Companion App

Name Martin Uriel Ruvalcaba
Affiliation N/A

Project's details

Project title Bluetooth Custom Multimeter Companion App
Background Many high school and early college students learn about various topics related to circuits, thermo, and light, and with these topics often comes the subject of measurement when interacting with the real world during the learning process. For this, many different tools are required such as a multimeter, thermo sensor of some sort, and a sensor for light intensity to measure and record; making use of all of these is very simple separately, but something that hasn’t gathered much consideration is the combining of all these different tools into one simple multi use device which would provide a much smoother experience for minds hungry to learn with real world applications all while also allowing for Bluetooth and smart phone use to further increase the convenience and number of applications for this device. This project aims to accomplish that by developing an app to communicate with the custom multimeter and allow for storage, and display of any transmitted data.
Description An app that is capable of reading data from the custom multimeter via the Bluetooth on the PSoc6, and displaying the data vs time in regards to the inputted data. Furthermore, the app should also be able to take data regarding battery percentage and display it on the app. The app should also have a storage functionality that is able to store recent graphs. Apart from this, the multimeter will also be displaying data for light and temperature. All of this should be presented in a user-friendly and easy to read display, with an easy to follow interface when changing between graphs and options.
Deliverable The interest of the group is to make a Bluetooth app for the multimeter where it can be run on any phone (android/ IOS) and if possible computers (windows, Linux, mac) A responsive and constantly updating app that can graph and display data for: Voltage readings Current readings Ohm readings Light intensity readings Temperature readings Capacitor checks (maybe) Graphing vs time of the data readings (both continuous and discrete) Ability to swap between graphs and their readings Auto scaling graphs to fit new maxes and mins as time continues Battery Percentage display Storage function An app on any device in which we can beta test
Skill set desirable Ability to work with PSOC Bluetooth Low Energy App development for iPhones Data gathering and data visualization (graphs both continuous and discrete)
Phone number 5105206218
Client time availability 30-60 min weekly or more
IP requirement Open source project
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TA Tyler Mayxonesing