Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2021

Video content management tool to distribute medically-sound, validated information about health & aging

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Name Sanjay Joshi
Affiliation University of California, Davis

Project's details

Project title Video content management tool to distribute medically-sound, validated information about health & aging
Background UC Davis Health, is increasing its clinical and research efforts on meeting the needs of the aging population. It is also creating digital platforms to better support patients outside of the hospital, including in homes and in the community. One aim of these platforms is to distribute medically-sound, validated information about health, aging and wellness to patients and their caregivers, including family.
Description UC Davis Health has created video content on a variety of health-related topics and plans to create more content in the future. However, this content is currently not well organized and is housed in a variety of different platforms that are controlled by individual faculty, departments, centers, and/or clinical units. We are looking to create a video content management tool that can be used by UC Davis administrators to catalog, search, add/delete, store, and retrieve content which can be ported to other platforms belonging to collaborators of UC Davis Health. Multiple departments within the schools of medicine and nursing, as well as the clinical enterprise, would benefit from a comprehensive resource of health and wellness information.

In addition, UC Davis students have created a UC Davis healthy aging portal called HealthyU which can be seen here: UC Davis Health is also working with WellCent and Quorum Technologies to produce platforms for patient engagement. It is expected that students will interact with industry professionals to gain real-world perspectives on development, as well as help the Aging community through this project.
Deliverable • A working prototype of the Video Management Tool, and demo for UC Davis Health leadership (plus some interested 3rd parties)
• The students will be expected to deliver the Tool’s source code in Github or other suitable repository
• Comprehensive documentation of the code is required
Skill set desirable • Web development tools (e.g. HTML, Javascript, etc.)
• Ability to work with various end-users and health care content providers to understand needs and challenges
• Interest in health care applications and user-interface design
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Client time availability 30-60 min every two weeks
IP requirement Client wishes to keep IP of the project
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