Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2021

Smart Home Platform for Aging Well (SHAW) using Voice Interaction and AI

Name Yong Choi
Affiliation Dept of Public Health Sciences – Health Informatics Division School of Medicine

Project's details

Project title Smart Home Platform for Aging Well (SHAW) using Voice Interaction and AI
Background Older adults want to live healthy, competent, in their own homes and connected to their communities. As the average age of our population increases, so does the prevalence of chronic illness and the need for close coordination of care with the healthcare system and family caregivers. IoT smart home technologies such as sensors, wearables, and voice-activated smart speakers have not been fully deployed for health, yet have the potential to automate processes of care, enhance remote monitoring, and provide more intelligent care services to older adults.
Description Using participatory and user-centered design methodology, we propose to develop a working prototype of the Smart Home Platform for Aging Well (SHAW) with an intuitive voice user interface and an “AI Health Assistant” application. SHAW utilizes voice as the primary interaction modality with devices and applications to access, record, and query health data.
SHAW will help individuals navigate and locate specific information from the Personal Health Record (PHR) thus eliminating tedious manual searching: “what was my last INR lab result?” In addition, the user can enter self-tracking data or PROs (e.g., PROMIS) with a voice command: “today my pain score is 7.” In addition, older adults would be able to get medication reminders, record their daily adherence data, and receive personalized education through the system. The data collected from different IoT sensor devices (e.g. HR/blood pressure monitor, continuous glucose meter, pulse oximeter, wearable ECG/EKG) can be analyzed by the software algorithm to monitor and alert older adults and their caregivers of potential safety risks and the need for support. In addition, the data can electronically be sent to older adults’ providers for further consultation and timely interventions.
Deliverable The desired outcome is a working prototype of the SHAW AI Health Assistant. The student group will work on one or more of the following core features of the SHAW AI health assistant:
1) Access, record and query data in Personal Health Record (PHR)
2) Medication tracking & management
3) Personalized diet/physical exercise program using continuous glucose meter (CGM) and other physiological monitoring devices (e.g. blood pressure, heartrate)

The student group will be provided with a smart speaker and relevant physiological monitoring wearables and sensor devices necessary for the development.

This is an ongoing research project at UC Davis. Scientific/academic acknowledgement and intellectual property rights for students will be governed in accordance with University policy.
Skill set desirable • interest in working with various end-users and health care providers to design health technology for older adults and their family caregivers to meet their unique needs and challenges
• interest or experience in the design and development of a conversational AI bot

Phone number 916-734-6083
Client time availability 30-60 min weekly or more
IP requirement Client wishes to keep IP of the project
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