Senior Design Projects

ECS193 A/B Winter & Spring 2021

GAITRite Data Extraction & Parameter Cleaning

Name J. Famula, D. Hessl, and S. Rivera
Affiliation UC Davis MIND Institute

Project's details

Project title GAITRite Data Extraction & Parameter Cleaning
Background As part of our NIH-funded longitudinal research study, “Trajectories and markers of neurodegeneration in carriers of the fragile X premutation,” we use a variety of techniques that capture motor function data to examine patterns of change over time in men who are carriers of the fragile X premutation and in neurotypical controls. Fragile X premutation carriers are at risk of developing a neurodegenerative disorder known as FXTAS (fragile X-associated tremor/ ataxia syndrome) and our study investigates the prodrome of this disorder, looking for early, subtle signs of the disease before overt clinical symptoms appear.
Our gait data is collected using the GAITRite system ( As subjects walk along the electronic walkway, the device measures many features of their gait in real time, and dozens of parameters are collected at each step.
Description The raw data from each test administration can be exported by the GAITRite software for each individual participant, allowing us to calculate average parameter scores and investigate intrasubject variation over time.
The file that is generated for each subject must be “cleaned” to exclude outlier data points, which are determined relative to the subject’s average gait parameters over the course of each test session. Currently, we are performing this data cleaning “manually”, using Microsoft Excel, a process which is laborious and error-prone.
Deliverable We are seeking a team to design an automated process by which each data export file can be cleaned of outliers, and the results populated to a database that will contain the relevant task parameters for each participant. This will ensure an efficient and error-free data extraction process, and allow us to consolidate the GAITRite data in one place for ease of subsequent statistical analysis.
Skill set desirable Data extraction. data manipulation, database creation
Phone number 9167030470
Client time availability < 30 minutes every two weeks
IP requirement Open source project
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